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How to Play the BLATANTLY Basic Blues

Blues Piano Video...

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"How to Play the BLATANTLY Basic Blues"

"Blatantly Basic Blues will help you play 'stand alone' blues piano, to jam with other musicians, and to improvise."

Music Educators Journal

Blatantly Basic Blues DVD
Looking for that special sound? Try the blues. It’s easy, fun, and has 1001 applications. If you cannot take the Blues Piano Styles Workshop, this video is the next best thing. Covers basics, chords, scales, improvising and the styles of Professor Longhair, Fats Domino, and Ray Charles. Two cameras give a unique over-the-shoulder perspective. Here’s your chance not only to hear the lesson, but to see it too.

Blatantly Basic Blues DVD

Beginning to intermediate.

One video DVD and case.


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Blues Piano

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