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Ultimate Integrated Learning System

Power Chords Workshop to go......

Learning system for the piano

A collection of five of our most important home study programs. Once you grasp the basics of the Instant Piano method, you are set to play virtually any song for which you can get a chord chart. After a time, however, you may tire of the sounds you are getting from the piano. You hit a wall. Help for you is now here. Many students hit this plateau and stagnate, because to make further progress, one needs the guidance of a professional pianist who knows the ropes. This collection is crammed with tips and trade secrets to get you to where you want to be in record time. Plus you’ll actually have FUN along the way. Follow the Study Guide (included), and you have a prescriptive course to last you 18 months. You go at your own pace, so you can complete it sooner if you want, or take your time. A year and a half of private lessons could cost you over $4000, and you’d still not get as much information as there is here in this one program. Includes the following titles:


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