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68 page Stylebook--5 CDs-

How to Play Piano by Ear
The 3 1/2 hour workshop upon which this course is based has changed the lives of thousands of the students who were fortunate enough to have taken it. It blows the lid off music theory, reveals what most all professional musicians know (but will never tell you), and leaves the students breathless and begging for more.

First you’ll learn how to pick out a simple melody. Then you’ll learn how to add the correct chords to this melody to make the song complete. But it goes much deeper than that. You will learn how to transpose, the secret chord terminology that musicians use (but you will never see in print), and how to learn songs from recordings. And once and for all you’ll finally understand how to use the Circle of Fifths, and you’ll be amazed at how you’ve been able to live without it.

Think of the money you’ll be able to save on sheet music! According to the Library Journal, How to Play Piano by Ear “dispels the mystery of music and makes it accessible to the untutored, aspiring musician. Recommended.” All levels (but you should know your chords first.)

    You learn to:
  • Select the best key
  • Starting on the right note
  • The twelve most common chords
  • The Universal Key Signature
  • How to transpose
  • How to learn from a recording in any key
  • What the bass player tells you
  • Changing keys in the middle of a song
  • Secrets of the Circle of Fifths

Recommended for All Levels.(You should know your chords first. Have some familiarity with major, minor, and seventh chords )
This information is taught in "Chord Style Piano", and "Continuing Chord Piano".

Book with five CDs , 68 p. text, study guide.
ISBN 0-929983-02-5


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How to Play Piano by Ear

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